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18-24 Month Projection: How Will Yours Compare?

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Your 18 to 24 month End-User Environment Projection with Industry Comparisons

Today employees are demanding the flexibility to choose how, where, and the devices of which they will do their work. What are the IT solutions administrators projecting to address this rapidity increasing demand?  Take our 5 minute survey and see what IT administrators across the globe are projecting their End-User Environments for the next 18 to 24 months.

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Windows Physical - Traditional Windows Desktops/Laptops with any Windows Operating System
Windows Physical
Windows Virtual - Windows Virtual Desktops, Application streaming and virtualization
Windows Virtual
Mac - Enterprise deployed Mac operating system computing endpoints, iPad, iPhone, laptops etc.
Smartphone - Enterprise deployed phone and devices based on Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.


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Computing Platform % Challenges Solution
Traditional Windows Desktops/Laptops
Windows Physical
  • Maintaining multiple OS Images
  • No visibility into systems, software, configurations and costs
  • Keeping the OS and applications patched and current

Altiris Client Management Suite from Symantec

  • Deployment, configuration and support for existing assets
  • Centralized application repository and asset monitoring
  • Patching multiple operating systems and 3rd party applications
Windows Virtual Desktop
Windows Virtual
  • Managing the hybrid environment from a single console
  • Maintaining multiple images for virtual and physical desktops
  • Accelerating and simplifying VDI deployments
  • License compliance

Symantec Workspace Streaming and Altiris Client Management Suite from Symantec

  • Application delivery across physical and multi-layered virtualization
  • On-demand delivery of applications to any PC:
    • Physical or virtual (VDI)
    • Local or remote
    • Managed or unmanaged
Mac Desktops /Laptops
  • Manage and support diverse systems with existing IT staff
  • Enforcement of group policy
  • Support for platform diversification (Win, Mac)

Altiris Client Management Suite from Symantec

  • Delivers enterprise change and configuration management for Mac
  • Single console provides the same look and feel for IT staff
  • Seamless end-user experience with Mac designed interface
  • Perimeter security is no longer effective - " secure the data"
  • Enterprise security policy enforcement
  • Uniform platform support for tablets (Android, iOS)

Symantec Mobile Management

  • Notification, access control, quarantine, selective wipe to protect corporate data
  • Enterprise repository for secure delivery of content and applications
  • Authenticates people and devices accessing authorized applications and data
  • Enterprise activation, provisioning, and security configuration
  • Controlling application deployment and associated cost
  • Secure access to corporate resources

Symantec Mobile Management

  • Policy and configuration management across heterogeneous mobile platforms
  • Notification, access control, quarantine, and selective wipe to protect corporate data
  • Information security for the evolving mobile threat landscape
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Strict corporate policy is unacceptable for personal devices
  • Guaranteed level of security and manageability without personal intrusion
  • Dealing with lost or stolen devices

Altiris IT Management Suite and Symantec Mobile Management

  • Selective wipe clears only corporate data on personally owned devices
  • Notification, access control, and quarantine to protect corporate data
  • Heterogeneous device management from a single console

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  • Windows Physical
  • Windows Virtual
  • Mac
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Personal

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